WorkSafeBC / WCB Claims Management Tips

  • Read all written correspondence sent by WorkSafeBC / WCB very carefully.  If you do not understand statements in a decision letter seek legal advice.
  • Pay attention to appeal deadlines, as extensions of time to appeal are difficult to obtain.
  • If you do not understand your appeal rights, seek legal advice.
  • Visit a regular General Practitioner/doctor as opposed to relying on various walk-in clinics.  If your injury is serious, ask your doctor to refer you to an independent (of WorkSafeBC) specialist early on in the claims process.
  • Explain in detail to your doctor how you were injured.  Visit the doctor regularly and detail all injury-related complaints (even if new symptoms arise after the injury).
  • Keep a daily diary of your condition, pain complaints, WorkSafeBC related treatment (physiotherapy, OR programs, etc.), medication intake; and all comments/conversations with WorkSafeBC / WCB staff and 3rd party treatment staff.
  • Follow your doctor’s treatment advice.
  • Try to participate with WorkSafeBC and/or WorkSafeBC related treatment/rehabilitation plans.  If you are injured or your condition is aggravated during treatment, report and document this immediately.  Make sure your doctor is aware of any aggravations or recurrences of injuries.
  • Try not to lose your temper or refuse to participate in recommended treatment (unless expressly advised by your physician).
  • If you become depressed, anxious or stressed out, report this to your doctor and seek treatment.
  • Ask questions of your Case Manager and WorkSafeBC staff.
  • If you feel that you are not being listened to, or that your treatment/rehabilitation plan is unsuitable, onerous or too aggressive, seek legal advice (call Gosal & Company @ 604-591-8187).

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