Worksafe/WCB FAQ’s

What kind of WorkSafeBC / WCB injury claims have you handled?

We have successfully handled a very wide variety of cases involving physical and psychological disabilities, including limb amputations, disc herniations, sciatica, low back injuries, knee injuries, shoulder, elbow, wrist injuries, neck injuries, burns, disfigurement, occupationally related respiratory disorders, cancers, fibromyalgia, eye disabilities, chronic pain syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, tendinitis, bursitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, RSD, CRPS, sexual dysfunction, bladder/urinary dysfunction, alcohol dependency, (various) nerve damage cases, hearing loss, tinnitus, traumatic head/brain injuries, post-concussion syndrome, etc…


Why do I need a lawyer for my WCB claim?

Your appeal rights are strictly and narrowly defined. For the average lay person the system is daunting as detailed knowledge of relevant WCB legislation, policy and procedure is required to successfully navigate through the Review Division and WCAT. We are very experienced, and knowledgeable regarding the law, policy and appeal system, and are familiar with the WCB Claims Management tactics and goals. We are very familiar with the various facilities (and their goals) that the WCB uses for OR1, ORII, Chronic Pain, Head Injury Assessment Programs and Functional Capacity Assessments. We can assist you in obtaining objective independent opinions. Our knowledge and experience can assist you in obtaining desirable results in a timely manner.


At what stage of my claim should I hire a lawyer?

Most people hire us when they feel that they can no longer deal with the complexities of the appeal system and/or demands made by WCB staff. Unfortunately, we see many people who come to us after their appeals have been exhausted. It is difficult (although not impossible) to help these people. It is prudent to seek legal advice at the commencement of your WCB case as we can advise you (specifically) what to watch for, and what to expect as your claim progresses.


How long will my case take from start to completion?

Each claim is different. After an initial assessment, we can provide you with a rough time estimate.


What can I expect from WorkSafeBC / WCB?

WorkSafeBC / WCB is a body that for all intents and purposes behaves like an insurance company. After 19 years of handling WCB claims it is my opinion that the WCB’s goal is to minimize claims accepted, minimize the nature and extent of claims accepted, minimize the duration and amount of compensation entitlement.


What percentage of your files are WCB-related?

Approximately 95%.


How many cases have you worked on?

Mr. Gosal has represented approximately 2,600 injured workers since 1993.

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