“I would like to thank Mr. Gosal and Gail Sahota for the work they did in winning my claim with WCB.  They did a great job and I would recommend their firm to all my family and friends if they needed their services.  Thanks again.”
– V. Gallant

“I’m very satisfied with Gosal and Company.  I got the results I wanted and needed.  This is a firm that I can trust and would refer it to any family or friends in need of help.”
– B. Jassal

“I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Gosal and Company.  Mr. Gosal has not only been my lawyer but also a friend with his constant support and words of wisdom.  He is understanding and truly strives to serve his clients with excellent advise.  I know I am in good hands.  Mr. Gosal has made this process smooth sailing and I will forever be greatful for all that he has done.  Thank you.”
– D. Sangra

“Gosal and Company made us feel comfortable, were very thorough and kept us up to date with current information.  They handled our case in a very professional manner.”
– K. Chen

“I was referred to Mr. Gosal by a friend, as, he told me about him.  He only does WCB and CPP so, I phoned for an appointment.  Its only 10 mins meeting the 1st time you see him and he looks over what you brought him.  It’s either yes or no, if he can win the case for you.  He fought very hard for me.  He won a WCAT decision 50% then won again 100% a year later.  It took 8 years roughly but Thank you very much Mr. Gosal and Company.”
– K. Davis

“First off I like to say Thanks to Mr. Gosal & Company for taking my case in their hands.  They have helped me and my family so much by accepting my difficult case when no other lawyer would.  Also thankful for Mr. Gosal and Company for working with me and helping me out with all their input of information that he and the company has provided me with.  LastlyI would just like to say thank you to Mr. Gosal & Company once more with all the help and love that they showed me and my family and knowing that there are some great people who still help one another in difficult time and how helpful the staff is there helping us every step of the way.”
– D.K. Takhar

“Ms. Sahota did a very good job on my file.  I have told my friends about her work and have recommended her to those that need help with their claims.  Her efforts resulted in a positive outcome for my case.  Thank you for all your hard work.”
– S. Pahal

“I started my struggle with WCB in 2002.  It wasn’t until 2008 I retained Gosal and Co. that I received any satisfaction from this case.  Mr. Gosal was successful in winning an 80% pension award in 2009.  I can’t thank your company enough and I don’t know where I would be today had we not met.  Thanks again Gosal and Company I highly recommend your retain Gosal and Co. for any WCB case.”
– T. Michaloski

“Mr. Gosal has been fighting my WCB case since 2002 (until December 2009).  I am very pleased with the positive results to date.  WCB initially refused my claim and thought that I would go away.  I did not!  I have just received a long overdue retroactive amount and we are appealing for more.  I thank my friends for referring me to Mr. Gosal.  I definitely recommend you see him for any WCB matters.”
– Mr. Gill

“I retained Gosal & Company September of 2007 to appeal a WorkSafe pension decision letter.  Following a WCAT appeal my pension was increased.  This has been a long hard battle but the outcome was well worth it.  I would highly recommend your firm needing this type of service.”
– M. Bourgeault

“I required the assistance of Gosal & Company in regards to a very difficult CPP Disability Pension qualification.  Through diligent efforts on the part of Mr. Gosal and his associate, we were able to qualify.  Thank you, Mr. Gosal.  I have high regards for your  expertise and knowledge in dealing with CPP.  I would not hesitate to recommend your professional service.”
– M. Greymac

“I was extremely satisfied with my WCB claim”
– S. Johal

“Just wanted to say “Thank-you” for all you have done in my case. I really appreciate it.”
– Mr. P. S.

“When we went to the lawyer’s the very first time he told us we had a very good case. I found the lawyer to be honest and truthful. Also the staff was excellent as well. The lawyer did a lot of work on my case over 7 years. If we didn’t have a lawyer like Sarj which deals in WCB, we wouldn’t have won. Thank you.”
– D. Clogg

“I wish to advise that I have been fighting with WCB since 1999, where I was injured while at work until present time of 2007. In desperation and I required a lawyer, I was referred to Mr. Gosal in 2002. Mr. Gosal accepted my case and during those five years he diligently worked toward obtaining what was rightfully owed to me by WCB. Mr. Gosal was successful in winning my case with a full pension in early 2007. I would therefore highly recommend Mr. Gosal to anyone in order to gain satisfaction in winning their fight against WCB.”
– Kelly Newbery

“I’ve known Mr. Sarj Gosal and Co. for approximately two years.  He’s a dedicated lawyer who cares about your cases.  Mr. Gosal has concluded one of my cases in less than two years with real satisfactory results.  I strongly recommend Mr. Gosal and his team to represent your cases!”
– V. Chieu

“This letter is to confirm my satisfaction with the work Mr. Gosal and his staff did on my behalf with my three year struggle with WCB and CPP.  Thanks to their efforts, I now receive a WCB pension and a CPP disability pension.”
– P. Smith

“I was very thankful for your time and effort you provided to help resolve my WCB case.  I highly recommend your company to others who may need your services in the future.  If in time I need assistance in a court of law I will pursue my issues with Gosal and Company.  Hope you and your law firm great success in the future.”
– J. Correia

“We thank Gosal & Co. (Mr. Gosal and Ms. Sahota) for winning our 15 year battle with WCB.  Prior to hiring Mr. Gosal another lawyer told me I was wasting my time fighting WCB.  Mr. Gosal accepted my case in 2005 and through the efforts of Mr. Gosal and Ms. Sahota, my pension was increased from 2.5% to 100%.  I highly recommend hiring Gosal & Company to fight your WCB case.”
Mr. L. (Abbotsford, B.C.)

“I am really grateful that I cam into contact with your company.  After being denied my disability claim twice my hope was gone.  Soon afterwards, my friend suggested that I consult Gosal & Co. for some legal advice concerning my claim.  Needless to say my claim has been accepted thanks to the hard work and dedication of Gosal and Company and I strongly recommend that anyone facing a disability claim consult Gosal & Company.”
M. K. (Burnaby, B.C.)

“I would like to say thank you to Mr. Gosal and his company. We appreciate all the efforts you put into my case.  We are satisfy all the services you provide us. If we know anybody needs legal help we will recmond your name.  You are such a great person to talk.  Once again our whole family would like say thank you to you and your company.”
A. Sidhu (Abbotsford, B.C.)

“My pre-accident work, was a “Faller”  in the logging industry.  On work day, I was in a serious, life threatening accident.  I was medi-vac’d from mid western Van. Isl. to V.G.H., a month and a half before regaining conciousness, in the Intensive Care Unit there.  When I came to, I did not know where I was.  What had happened, or how long I had been there.  The road to, not total, recovery was long and arduous; five years.  Now I live with constant pain, memory loss, among others.  If I had not taken the advise and recommendation of a friend to hire ‘Gosal & Co.’ I don’t know what I would have done.  Or what the final out come would have been.  Due to the “Co.’s” professional expertise with numerous dealings with W.C.B./ Work Safe B.C., thinks moved relatively smoothly.  With out them, I would not have had the attention focused on my needs.  Or the quick service that was desperately needed at times.  I am very pleased with what the “Co.” achieved on my behalf.  With out them, the “Co.”, I would  have been looking at a difference of just over half of the awarded amount or less.  I highly recommend anyone needing assistance with a work related accident, hiring Gosal & Company.”
K. C. Jones Jr.

“I am very happy Mr. Gosal did a very good job.  Due to his excellent work I am receiving a full WCB pension and allowances.  From day one (in 2000) Mr. Gosal impressed me as an honest and knowledgeable lawyer.  He proved that my initial feeling was correct.  I highly recommend that you retain Mr. Gosal for any WCB problem!”
Mr. K. Brar (Abbotsford, B.C.)

“Gosal and Company provided professional , courteous service throughout my entire case.  They held my hand through the entire process and were so helpful throughout.”
Ms. A. Ali (Surrey, B.C.)

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